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Partnering Bio Clusters


BioBridge Kansai is the comprehensive contact organization in the Kansai region of Japan to bring together Japanese groups working in the bio-life sciences fields of Drug Discovery, Medical Technology, In-vitro Diagnostics, Medical Devices/Equipment, and Functional Foodstuffs, as well as to promote cooperation with similar bio-clusters from overseas. BioBridge Kansai compiles research information about these life-sciences, as well as a wide range of information about Japanese research organizations (universities and research institutions) and private companies in the Kansai region, and makes this information available to interested overseas individuals and groups. Likewise, new information on overseas bio-clusters, which was made available to BioBridge Kansai, is distributed to the entire Kansai groups. BioBridge Kansai aims to promote specific alliances between Kansai and overseas organizations, throughout a range of collaborations, including co-research projects, product development schemes, technology transfer, market cultivation, mergers and acquisitions, and investments, by proactively exchanging information and fostering relationships. Please contact BioBridge Kansai, if you are interested to find information about bio-science clusters in Kansai most efficiently and timely. We hope you take advantage of attractiveness of the Kansai region, with its concentration of intellectual, financial, and research resources, and specific ability to boost exchange among international bio-science clusters.

The Kansai Bio Cluster is now gaining global attention, as several international exchange projects are under way in the biotechnology sector. These include exchanges between Osaka University and University of Cambridge (MOTI), between Saito Bio Hills and BioValley (Alsace, France), between Kobe Biomedical Cluster and Medicon Valley (Copenhagen), and between Kinki Bio-Industry Development Organization and the Food Valley (Wageningen, The Netherlands), and many others.