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Advantages of Kansai Region in Business Opportunities

The Kansai region has developed a large concentration of manufacturing industries over a long period of years. These industries primarily include IT and digital home appliance industries in the Osaka area, high-tech industries for electronic parts and measuring/controlling machinery in the Kyoto area, and a concentration of technologically advanced manufacturers in the eastern Osaka, Kobe, and Amagasaki areas. In recent years, the medical and bio-industry markets have attracted new players seeking to invest in new business opportunities: large corporations in the fields of electronics, machinery, chemistry, information technology, and precision equipment; small- and medium-sized companies that own exclusive, advanced technologies; and venture capital firms. Many projects are currently under way in the Kansai region, and these groups are in a position to leverage their biotechnology achievements to develop highly advanced and leading-edge medical and analytical equipment.

The Kansai region is particularly, and uniquely, suited to developing medical and bio-equipment because of the universities and research facilities concentrated here that are conducting some of the world's most advanced studies. Those organizations include Kyoto University's Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences that is renowned as an international research center for regenerative medicine, and the Advanced Medical Engineering Center, an entity belonging to the Research Institute of the National Cardiovascular Center, which invents and develops innovative medical technologies and equipment mainly targeting cardiovascular diseases. Facilities practicing translational research include the Medical Center for Translational Research at Osaka University Hospital and Advanced Medical Center. Other medical and bio-research hubs are the Research Institute for Cell Engineering belonging to the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, and SPring-8 (Super Photon ring-8GeV), the largest and brightest third–generation large-scale synchrotron radiation facility. These research organizations are surrounded by incubators located in northern Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto, where bio-venture capital firms are concentrated.

In the Kansai region, in summary, companies of various specialties and sizes coexist with a large cluster of cutting-edge research institutions. Since many organizations in the region support the building of partnerships among business, academic, government, and medical services, this is the area where you are likely to find an appropriate business partner. In particular, manufacturers in the medical and bioscience industries are very much interested in joint research and development, application of research results, and import and distribution of foreign products. Also, universities and research institutions are eager to conduct joint studies with foreign corporations and research institutions. We are looking forward to hearing from overseas business and academic organizations interested in forming joint ventures and/or partnerships with the companies and organizations located in the Kansai region.

Current Projects and Initiatives


Forum for Industrialization of Next-Generation Medical System
  This initiative aims to develop new diagnostic devices, medical/analytic devices, medical instruments, and test devices useful in the medical field, while providing information on the development of the most advanced devices and promoting technological exchange for these purposes between academia and industry or between industry and industry. The goal is to launch an actual R&D project utilizing the technological ability of existing manufacturers.


Regionally Intensive Joint Research Project in Kyoto City:
Development of Fundamental Technologies to create a Nano-Medicine Base
  The goal of this project is to bring together resources of the joint academic-industrial-governmental alliance to develop medical testing nano-devices and develop medical imaging and treatment targeting technologies using nano-tech materials such as nanoparticles. These efforts will seek to combine fundamental, innovative, and cutting-edge medical technologies into an integrated field of medical and engineering sciences, which include the medical device industry, the contrast media industry, and the drug discovery industry that offers a diagnostic product, a curative medicine, and a DDS reagent.


Proposal for Formation of Health and Medical Cluster focused on health technology
  This project creates new businesses targeting diagnostic devices, foods possessing mild medicinal properties or health-promoting constituents, and pharmaceuticals to address lifestyle-related diseases, particularly diabetes. These businesses would be concerned with technological development and application studies to analyze protein and genetic information related to the diseases, and to promote the formation of an internationally competitive regional cluster in this field.


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