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Functional Foodstuffs

Advantages of Kansai Region in Business Opportunities

A nutritious diet and exercise are important elements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Given the rapid growth in longer life spans, the health-related market has great development potential, as public awareness of health issues increases. The Research Committee for Food and Exercise Functionality is dedicated to researching food and exercise-related issues and gathering research data to promote the idea of a "lifestyle for lifelong vigor" that was the theme of Third Science and Technology Basic Plan developed by The Council for Science and Technology Policy. It aims to develop a new industry devoted to this goal. The plan is to develop new function-based foodstuffs that will contribute to the maintenance of human health, and to develop exercise programs suited to various age groups and health conditions. By using leading-edge technology to analyze the functional relationship between food and exercise, The Research Committee plans to promote the growth of an industrial cluster based on such data. To that end, the Committee aims to deliver to the public the latest information on the ways that food and exercise function in supporting health and preventing disease, and to create a network throughout the Kansai area of researchers and enterprises working on these questions.

Current Projects and Initiatives


Human L-cube Cluster
  Implement a project to transfer the most important study results accumulated in the Kansai Science City to the business sector to contribute to establishing a society that leads to a higher quality of life for people in the 21st century. This cluster will focus on the three human aspects of life science, living, and learning.
Development of Frontier Biotechnology with Traditional Plants of Nara
  Develop new century technologies using the botanical resources from the traditional potent plant ingredients of Nara Prefecture. These include Yoshino kudzu (Pueraria lobata), Yamato tea (Thea sinensis), Yamato mana, Yamato Tohki (Angelica acutiloba), and Yamato peony root (Paeonia lactiflora). The advanced scientific capacity of the region will focus its attention on these plant resources to create new products and technologies. Joint venture studies designed for entrepreneurship will be pursued.


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