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Medical Technology

Advantages of Kansai Region in Business Opportunities

The universities, research organizations, corporations, and medical institutions that are concentrated in the Kansai region are world leaders in all the basic medicine specialties, clinical applications, industrialization, and medical practice, with the presence of many scholars who have worldwide reputations. University hospitals, the National Cardiovascular Center, and the Kobe Advanced Medical Center are actively engaged in state-of-the-art healthcare, providing one of the best environments to support clinical studies in Japan.

The research organizations include the national universities of Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kobe University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, and Shiga University of Medical Science, as well as other research organizations such as the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology and the National Cardiovascular Center. Besides the Kobe Medical Device Development Center where researchers are developing minimally invasive medical devices , the region has established the infrastructure to support R&D for new medical care and peripheral technologies, such as less-invasive radiation therapy, imaging technology to provide early diagnosis, robotic surgery systems, and simulated cellular/biodynamic discoveries applied to medical care in anticipation of using the next-generation supercomputer.

The world's most advanced basic research and clinical applications are conducted in the Kansai region, particularly in the fields of regeneration medicine (regenerative medicine or tissue engineering) undertaken primarily by Kyoto University, Osaka University, and the Advanced Medical Center; medical transplantation undertaken primarily by Kyoto University (integrated with regeneration medicine for work on the immune system, such as for pancreatic islet transplantation); and gene therapy research undertaken primarily by Osaka University.

To enhance the region’s resources in supporting highly advanced medical treatment, R&D for the integration of the Patient Condition Adaptive Path Systems (PCAPS) computer program, has been initiated that will guarantee medical safety and quality, and provide a computerized management system for highly specialized hospitals.

Kansai's medical technology business sector includes bio-venture capital firms for regenerative medicine and gene therapy (ArBlast, Stem Cell Sciences, Cardio, Anges MG, Takara Bio, etc); research centers owned by major companies engaged in advanced medical care (Olympus, Terumo, and Hitachi Medical, etc); pharmaceutical corporations that support advanced medical care (Takeda, Astellas, Mitsubishi-Tanabe, etc); and equipment manufacturers (Sysmex, etc), all of which continue to make progress on the practical applications and commercialization of newly developed medical technologies.

In terms of business opportunities, universities, research organizations, corporations, and medical institutions are located relatively close to each other. This proximity encourages active exchange of ideas and challenges among staff and specialists as well as industrial-academic alliances. You will find many organizations in the Kansai region that support dynamic business matching, practical applications, and commercialization of technical seeds. Many foreign and Kansai corporations have been successfully matched so far, and it is an environment in which an alliance flourishes and is easily managed.

Current Projects and Initiatives


Kobe Medical Industry Development Project
The city is currently working on a project to establish an R&D center for leading-edge medical technology, and to form a cluster of medical-related industry on the Port Island 2nd Stage Area, thereby accelerating local innovation and creating international research and business networks.


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